Frequently Asked Questions
What is this website?

This is a pyramid scheme website.

What's the process of this system?

There's an office who have an encoder which is the admin. A person who wants join should fill up a printed form like the form in ENCODE page and pay Php 1,500. After the admin encodes the information, the user will have to receive a receipt that shows about his payment of the membership. And after that, the user can now login with his username and default password of "pass123". After the user earn some money, he can cashout his earnings through his dashboard and request will be pending. After the approval of admin in Cashouts page, he will get paid directly in the office.

How do I register?

First, you must use the account of an admin to encode(register) a user. The user username of the first admin is "admin" and the password is "password". Take note that the admin and user login page is different. Click here to go to the admin page.

After the user has been registered, he will have a default password of "pass123".

What's next after registration?

Earnings. The user will earn if meet these conditions:

  1. A user got a direct referral. The field Referrer ID in the encode form must fill up with the Referral ID of the referrer found in the user page. The Referral bonus is Php 50.
  2. A user fills up all the matrix. The field Matrix Placement in the encode form must fill up with the Matrix ID of the referrer found under Dashboard > Matrix. The Matrix must be active. After that, the referrer must choose where to place the referral's Matrix in Matrix Position (Left or Right).

How does the matrix become inactive?

If the matrix below your matrix is all filled up, that is total of 14 matrix.

How much is the matrix bonus?

After the 14 matrix below you was filled, you will earn Php 5,000.

How do I get paid?

After you make a request, you'll go to the office to get paid.